To My Grandchildren,

It’s my hope that the following will be helpful as you navigate your futures.  These are the confessions of a climate activist:

by Anonymous

Hola mi querido hijo Felipe;

Solo quiero que sepas que algunos como yo somos conscientes de lo que está pasando y quisiéramos poder hacer cosas para cambiar todo.

by Sofia Florez

Dear Quinn,

And I promise, that I will work tirelessly to promote a vision of this world that is suitable for my beautiful niece to grow up in.

by Jailyn Sronkoski

Dear Mom,

I’ll never forget walking with you to the beach in the morning, closing our eyes and stopping to listen to the sound of the waves rolling over and over again. It was so peaceful, and in that moment, I felt a deep connection to the world around us.

by Anonymous

Hello Future,

Right now there is so much uncertainty and violence in the world, I hope we can get to a point where things are more peaceful and predictable.

by Adam Nelson


Dear future Child or Grandchild,

Climate is undeniably changing but it is not top priority.

by Anonymous

To All Whom It May Concern (and this should concern all of you),

There will always be new phones and new gadgets, but a healthy planet is not something I can promise you, and that is what worries me.

by Ravi Dhebar

To the future generations,

It isn’t fair, it isn’t just, and the blame is not held in your hands, but the responsibility is yours.

by Tyler Bogartz-Brown

Dear Future Generations,

I truly hope this is a transformative time in world history.

by Anonymous


To our future generations,

I want you to know that some of us do care and we are working towards a better future for you.

by Sandra R

Dear Maggie and Lily,

I want you to always fearlessly swim in water free of pollution and debris.

by Anonymous

Dear Future,

Have we made a difference?

by Anonymous

Dear future generations,

What made Michigan so beautiful was its ability to go through seasonal changes. Recently, the seasons have been shifting with longer summers, shorter winters, and fall/spring appearing to disappear.

by Anonymous


Dear My Future Child,

I want to sculpt a world for you where you can play outside without gas masks, an ocean to swim in without toxins, and a thick lively forest for you to wander.

by Kelly Russell

To the future generations-

I promise to educate those around me about climate change and the realities that are soon to come, and the ones that are already here.

by Anonymous

Dear future me and family,

My promise to myself and to you is to live a simplistic and conscious life, and hopefully you are able to see the beauty of the world we live in.

by Dona Todorovska


To the future,

Today, I will hope and envision the future I wish to achieve. Then tomorrow, I will have tough conversations, I will call my local representatives, I will continue to fight for this world.

by Mackenzie L.

Dear Future Joanne,

The more time we dedicate to breaking down barriers and helping up those that have fallen beneath our oh so heavy boots, the more we will appreciate the simple values engrained in this world.

by Joanne Tylka

Dear Tomorrow,

We are all responsible for this change, I just hope we all can realize it in time.

by Trey R.


To My Future Self,

This lead me to my final project, which focused on reforming the education system to incorporate sustainability classes into the current curriculum.

by Jake Dremann

To my future children,

I know that our planet cannot handle many more years like 2017.

by Katerina Antonishina


To My Future Nephews,

I want you to see those corn fields in the north, the beautiful beaches down in Florida, and the stars in the woods at night.

by Madeline Hanf


dear future people (:

I hope that people are still enjoying the wonders that nature has to offer.

by jessica fernandez

To my Grandchildren,

The vicious hurricanes, the piercing heat or the animals you don’t get to see, all that is just the Earth’s response to our attacks on it.

by Vinit Patel

Dear Future Me,

I hope you consume only what you need.

by Tess Fang

Dear Future Son or Daughter,

When I think of these nature-rich areas of my childhood, I feel absolutely overjoyed, and I want you to have the same connection with the outside world as I had.

by Maya M.


Dear Future

My hope is for all who live in your time to still know the joy of swimming in the ocean, walking through the woods, and hiking in the mountains.

by John Bay


Dear loved ones in the future,

Even if it pains me to imagine how things are back home in Puerto Rico at the moment, I know things will flourish again. The land will heal, but we need to help it.

by Diana Centeno


To the future generations,

I hope that you all can enjoy the Smokey Mountains in your lifetime too and that they look how they did back in 2017 when I saw them.

by Julia Bellino

Dear future generations,

I know I have already had an influence on those close to me, and my hope is that they have had influence on those close to them, too, and a chain reaction starts.

by Anonymous

To the Future generation,

I pray that the world we all come to love transforms back to the beautiful planet it was intended to be.

by Anonymous

Dear Loved One,

It breaks my heart seeing how quickly global warming is growing and growing, leaving an enormous effect in our planet.

by Diana Rivera

Dear Future,

In the year 2017, there were numerous disasters that happened all over the world.

by Anonymous

Dear Sophie,

In 2017, you were just a one-year-old with two little teeth and the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen. But, the world was dealing with turmoil while you were just beginning to blossom.

by Anonymous

To future generations,

I hope in the next several decades everyone takes part in changing environment before the damages on Earth become irreversible.

by Han Bui

Dear Tomorrow,

Living in denial cost us our beautiful oceans, snowy mountains, delicious foods and homes.

by Anonymous

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