To the next generation,

The planet is a precious and beautiful world and it is a shame to feel like it is hard to save.

by Anonymous

Dear Future World,

If we don’t change the way we live, the world will soon face a greater threat than we can imagine.

by Jimy Ry

To my future kids,

It is time to make a change. Time for people to be educated on a topic that is easily disregarded but has the future in its hands.

by Anonymous

To the future,

Now you’re probably wondering, what can I do to make this planet a better place? You can start by using your voice. Vote for leaders and policies that push towards a greener planet, eat a vegan diet (or eat less beef), carpool with your friends, family, co-workers, reduce the amount of plastic you use, use public transportation, and realize you’ve been given one life and one planet, so take care of it.

by Anonymous

To the future generation,

Cities by the shore could potentially be new cities of Atlantis.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Generations and future grandchildren,

The little things can make a big difference.

by Anonymous


The gift for next generation,

To save the big world, perhaps, we should change the mind from myself to my small family to my community.

by Anonymous

Dear stranger,

Recently I have come to know about how much of an impact climate change is having on us, so I want to write this letter in hope that your future would not lose much of what we have now.

by Anonymous

To whomever it may concern,

There are many things that I would like to tell my future self and the new generation about what life is like now, and how much it is going to change in a matter of time.

by Eric Bagaoisan

Hi future Christine,

I also promise that I will talk about it more with my peers, so they will learn and understand what climate change is.

by Christine Guiao

Dear Niece,

People are taking advantage of the freedom of speech right and utilizing that platform to speak out against global warming.

by Anonymous

Letter to myself in future, my future kids and people of future generation,

So today we need to think about tomorrow, to preserve it before its too late.

by Khadka

To myself, my family, and all the world,

It’s 2018. And yes, solar energy and wind power are being used but not at the rate they should be.

by Anonymous

To my future children,

I would like the to take the time to apologize to you for how bad our climate has become.

by Zach Tanner

To the people of tomorrow, my family of tomorrow, the me of tomorrow,

As only one person I know it sounds wild like you can’t change the whole world, but maybe you’ll read this and share it with your friends, and they’ll share it with theirs and that right there will make the hugest difference.

by Anonymous

Dear Grandchildren,

I am taking the time to write this message because I really want to make a positive impact in today’s climate change.

by Josue Gongora

Dear future me,

Learn every day about making this world and your environment healthy and secure.

by Đina Sretenović

Dear Tomorrow,

The power of one is greater than the power of none.

by Anonymous

To My Wonderful Grandchildren,

My life was not easy and I worked very hard to make sure I set a humble example for you all. I hope you all do the same for your children and grandchildren to come.

by Maliah Kenoly

To The World,

I envision myself painting a picture perfect place for my kids and grand kids where global warming becomes a taboo subject and clean energy is engulfed into our society.

by Youssef Hadi

Dear Me and My Friend in 2025,

I write this letter very much hope each of us – members of the Earth will have new actions and strategies to make every human being more aware of protecting the environment for a better world.

by Sinh Nguyen

Hello to whomever takes the time of their day to read this message.

We as a society can’t and will not change the world for the better, if we don’t believe there is a problem in the first place.  

by Carlos Ponce

Dear future generation,

Honestly, I am hope what I said is wrong and the importance of renewable energy has finally been acknowledged.

by Anonymous

Dear to the future generations,

I imagine a world where there will be little to no pollution with our advanced technology aiding us to a better life.

by Youssef Abdelhadi

Dear future me,

I hope that we learned to love this world the way it loves us.

by Anonymous

To my child,

Hopefully, we both have a healthy life in our future.

by Anonymous

Dear future family,

I bought an electric vehicle to curb my use of fossil fuels, and also cut back on my consumption of red meat.

by Evan Lowe

Dear Future Generations,

When I look back on the progress our country has made in thirty years I hope we are able to mitigate the worst impact of climate change and human degradation on the planet and the limited resources it holds.

by Blake Allen

Dear future children of all ages,

To the future generation of kids, speak up and protest again things that you find unfair and unjust.

by Anonymous


To what we’ve overcome.

The first step would be in overcoming ourselves. Because whether we end up fading into obscurity, or thriving in prosperity, we will overcome ourselves.

by Leo Le

Dear family and myself, or whomever will read this who has impacted me life dearly,

I know it may be hard to due to convenience, but little differences also make a huge impact. Remember that.

by Anonymous

Dear future children,

Even though the world may look bleak there is always a spark of hope that you must always hold on to in order to get through the chaos.

by Anonymous

To the people of the future,

I wish for a place where we can live, sustain life and have all the things we ever wanted to enjoy with loved ones. I hope God grants my wish!

by Anonymous

Dear my son Cobyn and any other children I have after him, and grandchildren thereafter.

I love you all very much and pray with my whole heart you all get to enjoy the world the way I did.

by Allana Milliken


Happy 34th birthday my son.

To laugh at our efforts as they were on such a small scale, too small some would say to make a difference, and then smile when we think about the number families just like ours that did the same thing.

by Daniel Brenner

To myself, my family, and all the world,

I promise you (myself in the future haha) to keep the faith in my dreams.

by Andres Cifuentes O.

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