Dear future generations,

I pledge to you now that I will work tirelessly and with all my will power so you don’t have to live in a world where you have to worry about the next storm.

by Jason Hallmark


Dear Donatella,

We ran through the woods laughing, crying, and living.

by Ann Del Vecchio


To my sons,

I’m voting with climate change as a top priority. I’ve tried to teach you boys that we need to clean up after ourselves and take care of the earth. I promise to continue doing these actions and more, for your sake.

by Anonymous

Dear future self,

Future self, I commit to fighting this climate crisis with everything I got.

by Anonymous


Dear Future Grandchild,

We can learn a lot about how to treat others from stories that have been passed from generation to generation.

by Elizabeth (Betsy) LaVela

Dear Gaby,

I know your children will save the world.

by Anonymous

Dear future family,

I cannot project what the future may hold, but I promise that in this lifetime I will be devoted to ensuring you will not be burdened with the effects of climate change.

by Anonymous

To my Children,

And to make sure that you know the true value of what you can see but not own.

by Clayton Davis

Dear Future Children,

Small steps is the best start, and I hope you will take larger steps than I did.

by Anonymous

Dear ‘Roxy’ (Aliyah),

Most importantly and I mean MOST importantly, spread peace, love and positivity.

by Kris Pierce

Dear future american,

Storms are more present than ever and still pose serious threat to coastline countries like Vietnam.

by Anonymous


To the Future Generations,

I look at my baby niece today. The newest member of our family, just 3 days old. What will be left for her and her grandchildren?

by Jason Wolf

Dear children of all origins,

Invention is what made this world and innovation creation altercation is what will transform it to being FUN-ctional useful and effective in your lives.

by Anonymous

To my niece Ashleigh, nephews Ollie and Scott, and their children; the wider whanau

The “conscious eating & exercise & sobriety & let it begin with me” credo has helped me take responsibility for my own actions.

by Lucy Sheehan


Dear Levon,

I hope, as your father, I’ve done enough to instill within you how science is a wonderful adventure.

by Steven Sandman

Dear future me,

Do you have wet feet but miss the rain?

by Juliette Aimee Bakker

Dear Aaron,

It’s hard to believe how quickly you’ve grown, yet I have mixed feelings about the world in which you are growing.

by Avi Smolen


To my Beloved Future Children,

Be fearless – do not be afraid to talk to each other and do not be afraid to fail.

by Dominic Cacioppo

Dear Natan and Ilan,

I want you to dream of the stars, but I am in awe of your early respect for the absolute truth that Earth is our home, there is no other, as you so wisely say, and it needs our attention now.

by Andy Stone


Dear Lucy,

The clock ticks, time passes, and the earth and all of its inhabitants move closer to dangerous boundaries we can dimly discern but cannot see clearly.

by Robert Engelman


To my Dad,

I hope on this Father’s Day, my 24th birthday, and the rest of days, we remember that the most basic part of life is living happy with the ones we love. Acting every day against climate change will allow us to keep that simple piece of humanity.

by Korinna Knapp

Dear Cedar and Wyatt,

Will you be able to walk with your children during a summer rain, jumping in puddles, and smelling the fragrance in the air.

by Fran Lawn


Dear Jamie and Jason,

My inspiration was the two of you. It started with thinking about the world you were inheriting and what your future was going to be like. But then you taught me how important it is to listen to you – to listen to young people.

by Lawrence Kraft

Dear Zivi and Ayala,

I’ll be honest: I don’t know enough about climate and climate change.

by Yoni Ashar

Dear Lilly and Evelyn,

We must get outside ourselves and our conveniences to see the future through the eyes of your children, and your children’s children, and . . .

by Anonymous


Dear sons,

I’ve been so busy since 2012 working towards getting a price on carbon.

by Kevin Leecaster


Dear girls,

I love you and I care deeply about your future.

by Ben Margolis


Dear Abigail and Olivia,

What stories will you tell them about our generation? Will we be heroes or villains?

by Nathaniel Stinnett

To my children and their children,

Will my Grandchildren be given the opportunity to love these wild places?

by Steve Block


Dear Daughter,

Even when contemplating huge global-historical issues — especially then — it’s important to stay grounded in the present time and place, the specific here and now, and the minute affairs of everyday interpersonal relations.

by Bart Everson

to my grandchildren,

If the world moves to 100% of wind, water and solar energy.

by Anonymous


Dear Ezmae,

As I write this, I consider giving up as it sometimes seems that all is lost. But then I think of you.

by Jim Poyser


Dear Me,

Today, I promise to keep my spaces clean and my environment cleaner.

by Anonymous

Crianças (Hoje não mais)

Quero mudar meus consumos, direcionar os que têm maior força para fazer diferente, votar em políticas com projetos que visem a mudanças climáticas.

by Ricardo Falkowski

Dear Future Child,

This can be done by using solar energy, electric cars, recycling, and doing other activities to reduce waste.

by Anonymous

To those who follow us,

Be champions and arbiters for conservation and preservation efforts across the globe.

by Quintin Casl