Send Your Video to the Future

Think of a young person for whom you care deeply-- your child, grandchild, a niece, nephew or your future child not yet born. Now imagine it is the year 2050. That child is grown up and raising a family of their own. They open their email and find a video message from you, recorded in the year 2017. The message tells them how you grappled with the idea of climate change and how you stepped up, as their responsible and loving parent, grandparent, or friend to leave them a safe and healthy place to raise their own family. Record that message today. NOTE: For better quality, please record videos in landscape. This means that the screen should be wider than it is tall. For example, you should hold your phone sideways, not vertically.
Thank you so much for contributing a message to We hope that your message will improve public awareness and increase individual motivation to act on climate change. We also seek to preserve the messages for future research and understanding by future generations. As part of the archive, we are working to set up a time capsule of messages that we will make available to the writer and recipients in 2050. By agreeing to this license, you are confirming that this is your original work (you created the video and its contents) and you are giving permission for DearTomorrow and its designees to share the messages and photos (including online) and adapt them in accordance with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license. Please note: DearTomorrow reserves the right to not publish letters, photos and videos that fall outside the scope of the project or that violate copyright laws.
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